Starting from October 17, 2016, the Regional College of the Bulgarian Medical Association, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria and  PHI Clinical Hospital, Stip, Macedonia and have been jointly implementing the project “Integration of European healthcare standards and innovations on the way for development of cross-border health cluster”, Ref: CB The project is financed by the First Call of INTERREG – IPA Cross-Border Program Bulgaria-Macedonia 2014-2020 and is implemented on the territory of the East planning region, Macedonia and Blagoevgrad region, Bulgaria.

Within the CBHealth project, BMA Blagoevgrad purchased specialized medical equipment: Endo-Surgery Generator  (with hand piece , Harmonic Ace Curved Shears 23 cm  and Harmonic Ace Curved Shears 36 cm ) The Endo-Surgery generator combines advanced technology, multifunctionality and touchscreen simplicity in one compact, easy-to-operate unit that supports current and future Ultrasonic and Advanced Bipolar Devices.  It allows surgical teams more time to focus on the patient rather than technology. It was designed to accommodate the unique needs of every member of the surgical staff. This simple yet revolutionary device provides great relief for both surgeons and medical personnel, by reducing multiply instrument changes (over 50 instrument changes in comparison with similar devices). The equipment will greatly enhance, modernize and alleviate the work of the cancer treatment surgery department of the Specialized hospital “Sveti Mina” which will allow for better treatment of cancer diseases.

The newly purchased equipment will significantly improve the quality and it will give better results in further treatment, including the treatment of laryngeal carcinoma. Specialized medical equipment will contribute to solving problems of the inhabitants, who had to go to state clinics for this type of diagnostics. The value of the equipment is 19,950 Euros and is originally from the European Union.