In the East planning region there are two Public Health Centers, one in the Municipality of Shtip and the second in the Municipality of Kochani. They have their branch offices in other municipalities in the region.

The activities of the PHI Center for Public Health Stip and Kocani are determined by the Law on Health Care of the Republic of Macedonia, the Republic Program for Preventive Health Care, as well as other legal regulations aiming at undertaking measures and activities for improving the health of the population, research and detecting the causes of infectious and other diseases, as well as health factors of the environment.

Public Health Institutions Center for Public Health Stip and Kocani have a wide range of activities and services among which are:

  1. Hygiene;
  2. Laboratory activity;
  3. Microbiology-Bacteriology and Immunology-Serology;
  4. Epidemology-disinfection, fumigation and eradication;
  5. Social medicine – Health education – Counseling for reproductive health.

Public Health Center Stip employs 36 people while the Public Health Center Kocani has 41 employees, from various professional profiles such as: specialists and masters, doctors of medicine, engineers, technologists, economists and technically specialized staff.

Download a full database with contacts from all health institutions on this link.