Public Health Foundation Clinical Hospital – Shtip, Macedonia
Str: Ljuban Ivanov No. 25
2000 Shtip, Macedonia
Т.: +389 32 394 099, Ф: +389 32 605 001
[email protected]

The Public Health Institution – Clinical Hospital Shtip (PHI Clinical Hospital Shtip) was founded in 1965 and provides health care for the East planning region of the Republic of Macedonia for more than 250,000 inhabitants.

PHI Clinical Hospital Shtip is managed by the Director, Dr. Alen Georgijev and the Board of Directors.

Within the PHI Clinical Hospital Shtip there is an expert collegium, consisting of all heads of hospital departments and health workers with special authorities and responsibilities.

PHI Clinical Hospital Shtip, provides 24-hours health care – stationary health care, surgical internist interventions, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, ophthalmology, anesthesiology with resuscitation, maxillofacial surgery, pathology, skin diseases, laboratory services, ontological activities, orthopedics with traumatology, radio diagnostics, emergency medical assistance with admission unit, sterilization, depot for storing medications for patients. In its medical practice PHI Clinical Hospital Shtip also provides the remaining health care, physical medicine and rehabilitation, complete laboratory tests, complete diagnostics of joints, pathological examinations.

In the field of specialized consultative care, the PHI Clinical Hospital Shtip provides examination and diagnosis of diseases, specialist, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation examinations, specialist opinions and suggestions, diagnostics, treatments, regular specialized supervision, admission and care for medical emergencies, carries out secondary transportation of patients, provides consultative medical assistance and participates in the implementation of special programs for prevention and early detection of diseases and injuries, provides professional and trainings for health workers.

The organization of the work of the PHI Clinical Hospital Shtip is based on the principles of accessibility, effectiveness and continuity of health care, as well as modern and confirmed achievements in the medical sciences.

The PHI Clinical Hospital Shtip has capacity of 414 beds.

The operation and functioning of the hospital is organized in the following units, departments that represent the entire organizational-technical process of work in 15 health departmrnts and 3 specialist-consulting services.

The project “Integration of European healthcare standards and innovations on the way for development of cross-border health cluster” CB006.1.31.017 is implementing in cooperation with Bulgarian Medical Association – Branch Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria as a Lead partner.