Public high-education institution University “Goce Delcev” – Shtip, Republic of Macedonia
Faculty of Medical Sciences

The second largest faculty in Macedonia
Address: “Krste Misirkov” No. 10-A
Pos. tray 201,
2000 Shtip, Republic of Macedonia
T: 00389 (0) 32 550 830 – Goce Delcev University – Shtip, Info Center
T: 00389 (0) 32 550 323 – Faculty of Medical Sciences
T: 00389 (0) 32 390 700
E: [email protected]

 The Faculty of Medical Sciences is the largest faculty within the Goce Delcev University – Stip with more than 3200 students, and is currently the second largest faculty in Macedonia. Established in 2007 as a High Health School, it was transformed in 2008 into a Faculty of Medical Sciences. In 2009, three academic study programs (General Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy) and six study programs for vocational studies (Midwives, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Optometrists, Dental Technicians and Medical Laboratories) have already been accredited at the Faculty of Medical Sciences. In addition to the study programs for the second cycle of studies (a total of 12 specialist accredited programs), the Faculty of Medical Sciences is accredited with a study program – master studies for Radiofarmacy, which is conducted in English. As of 2014, the Faculty has been accredited with a Study Programs for Doctoral Studies in Biomedicine, Neurosciences, Dental Medicine, General Medicine and Pharmacy. Starting from 2014, the Faculty of Medical Sciences provides specializations for graduates from Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Medical Sciences.

Main focus of the faculty employees is providing quality education and transferring knowledge and experiences to students. Heavy investments have been made for laboratories for Dental medicine, Pharmacy, Dental technicians, Physiotherapy and Optometry to be completely equipped with modern and sophisticated equipment. In addition to laboratories for molecular biology, bioelectrochemistry and physiology, the faculty also has its own simulation center for students of general medicine. Part of the faculty is also a University dental clinic, one of the most modern in the Balkans. For the realization of the clinical teaching, the Faculty of Medical Sciences has signed cooperation agreements with the special hospitals Filip Vtori, Remedika, Tokuda and the Clinical Hospital in Stip, where students perform practical clinical exercises. The Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine also operates within the Faculty.

More than 300 foreign students from the countries of the European Union, such as Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania, as well as students from Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Ukraine and Turkey have enrolled the faculty of medical sciences. Through partner institutions a large number of students from the Faculty have been enabled to conduct study visits and practical training in institutions with worldwide reputation in in Germany, the United States, China, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Russia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Poland, France, Ireland and Sweden. Goce Delcev University – Stip has managed to provide many students with scholarships for covering their study and training costs. In addition students have opportunity to be directly involved and financially supported in scientific and research work since the earliest years of their studies.

The Faculty of Medical Sciences at UGD Shtip employs top experts from the fields of gynecology, surgery, emergency medicine, infectious diseases, microbiology, pharmacy, oral surgery, dental medicine, prosthetics, biochemistry, molecular biology and chemistry. Two of the ten most-cited scientists from Macedonia at all times are active professors at the Faculty of Medical Sciences at UGD Shtip.

For its students and employees, the Faculty of Medical Sciences organizes a number of international conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops, where students have opportunity to present the results of their research and get acquainted with the work and research of world class experts in the field of medical sciences.

All students completing the studies at the Faculty of Medical Sciences acquire the necessary skills for becoming competitive healthcare workers not only on the Macedonian labor market, but beyond the borders as well.

Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences is prof. Dr. Rubin Gulabaski, who is one of the 10 most cited scientists from Macedonia.