Project “Integration of European healthcare standards and innovations on the way for development of cross-border health cluster” CB006.1.31.017 is co-financed by the Interreg-IPA “Bulgaria – Macedonia” cross-border programme Bulgaria-Macedonia. Lead partner of the project is Bulgarian Medical Association – Branch Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria and project partner Public Health Foundation Clinical Hospital – Shtip, Macedonia.

The Project objective is Integration of European healthcare standards and innovations by promoting the cross-border cooperation.

The project is going to be implemented in the East planning region, Macedonia and Blagoevgrad District, Bulgaria. The action addresses common issues and deficiencies related to the state of development of the healthcare systems in both countries, as well as lack of highly qualified personnel and brain drain of young medical experts.

The project promots cooperation and innovative healthcare practices in the two neighboring regions through the use of new technologies, capacity building events, exchange of know-how and best practices among medical professional of the target region. By supporting joint actions and activities a Cross-border Healthcare Cluster will be established related to the promotion of cooperation and further growth in cross-border entrepreneurial activity the project will aid to strengthen the region’s position and enhance the overall economic and social development of the cross-border area.

Project activities

  1. Project management and coordination
  2. Implementation of a series of activities for information and publicity of the project in order to attract the target groups and their involvement in the project implementation;
  3. Development of concept and tools for the establishment of cross-border health Cluster and development of a common Strategy for the CB health Cluster between Macedonia and Bulgaria;
  4. Elaboration of cross-border healthcare Catalog, a detailed review of the health sector and services in the target region;
  5. Capacity Building Programme for young medical specialists for exchange of best practices and experience in the field of advanced treatment and prevention of various diseases using innovative approaches and modern healthcare standards;
  6. Development of web-portal “CBhealth” as a joint platform for information, exchange and capacity building of healthcare professionals with a special accent on young specialists, students and graduates in medicine;
  7. Purchase of specialized medical equipment for public benefit;
  8. Open-day events in Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Target groups

  • Individual physicians and healthcare service providers, young physicians working in medical institutions in the target CB region, students and graduates in medicine;
  • Private and public general and specialized treatment hospitals providing healthcare services in the target CB region;
  • Specialized and profiled physician’s pediatricians, оoncologists, cardiologists, orthopaedics, gynecologists and etc. in the CB region;
  • Universities (medical departments) that provide higher education in medicine in the target CB region;
  • Local and regional authorities as being the stakeholders and policy makers that steer the economic and social development of the regions.